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Short Bus Simple

  • Short Bus Simple

In 2017, an adventurous Australian couple had their ‘f*ck it’ moment. They were done travelling in the same tried and tested ways. They wanted a challenge, something unforgettable, something unique to write home about.

On a whim they moved to Canada and bought a disused ’98 short bus on Craigslist. You know, one of those yellow school buses we’ve all seen in films? And with minimal experience, little money and a lot of innovation they converted it into the beautiful mobile home before you.

Hard-bound and adorned with beautiful imagery, she’s more than just a pretty face to grace your coffee table. Comprised of two parts, the first details the step-by-step process of converting an old vehicle into a mobile home. Caravan, bus, van or boat, the information here has applications to any mode of transport. Part two is a deep-dive into the trip itself and the outdoor and culinary adventure that ensued. Packed with travel anecdotes, recommended hiking trails, breweries and wineries across the country, Sasha and Brent leave no reasonable stone unturned when it comes to discovering the best of what's on offer.

Although set in an Canadian/American context, readers from across the globe will find applications to their own countries - and in doing so ignite a thirst for the beauty of traveling on our own doorstep.

Short Bus Simple will be limited to 200 copies, hand-signed and numbered. Price is inclusive of all shipping costs.