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Casting Caution to the Wind

  • Casting Caution to the Wind

Released August 10th, 2020, via Sun Rider Press

"Casting Caution to the Wind tells the intrepid stories of lone travellers whose transborder trips are a search for authenticity, meaning and true experience - those who approach adventure as an attitude to be chosen, rather than an experience to be curated or bought.

Sun Rider Press collates the first-hand accounts of ten everyday nomads whose journeys cross the length and breadth of the planet via bicycle, hitchiking, train and bus, with a common cause to resurrect the boldness and curiousity that many of us lose in adulthood. Whether it’s the humbling discomfort of rubbing against your own privilege in rural Nepal, the awakening that comes from strange encounters, or the memorable compadre who guides you when lost, these stories are intimately raw in their unravelling, as much as they are universal.

It’s a spirited celebration of unconventional journeys and means, trusting in the goodness of strangers, and removing the barriers between us at a time when the interactions of the global community are more troubled and siloed than ever. Blending heart-thumping adventure and humane musings, Casting Caution to the Wind uncovers the wild mysteries that stretch between home and an unknown destination somewhere on the road."

5" X 8" perfect bound paperback novel
First edition pressing, printed and bound by Publicious (Australia)
Limited to 50 copies
Individually signed and numbered

**Pre-order copies will be sent before release date

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